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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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If you are searching or looking for a place to drop or submit your articles or your written posts?you can drop it Here on blazerwaperz, is the best place for you to write your article and get thousands of visitors or readers to your website with just only a clean and nice post that follows the rules of our blog and guidelines. As listed below;

Sattelites Technology updates
Phone and desktop reviews with Specifications
Browsing solutions
Website tutorials
Desktop or laptop solutions
Phone solutions

Note: Your written or guest post/article will only be accepted, if it relates or concerns anything about technology.

Your posts/articles can be accepted, if only it follows our guidelines below;

1. Your post or article must not be copied or a copyrighted material and it must not appear in anywhere or even your blog in order to be accepted.
2. Your post must not contain too much external links but you can only link to the other posts that are relevant to the content you wrote.
3. Your guest post must contain one or more pictures in order to be understandable by the readers.
4. Your article must be long enough to be called a post.
5. Your article must not be for advertisement purpose in order to be accepted.
6. After all this, we will review your article and edit it before we publish it here on for our readers and you must have agreed to that.

So start writing your guest post and submit it via We will post it immediately after we reviewed it.

Thanks you!

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